Monday, November 10, 2008

The Beginning.........

Well, here I am finally being a blogger instead of just a blog reader. I look forward to having a record of our life and accomplishments, and yes, the pitfalls of life! Today seems like the first day of connecting myself with myself. I hope to find the cd that came with our camera, so I can put photos on here as well.

I am exactly who I want to be at this time of my life. I am happy with my direction; the road seems right. I can look back and say I tried my best with what I knew. Now I know more, so I will try better. We have successfully raised three girls and one boy, almost! My husband, Ken, is the proverbial "love of my life". There is no better person on earth. His life's goal is to make me happy. Although he has severe health challenges, he still tries as hard as he can to help us survive, like making sure there is wood for the woodstove. That is our only major heat source. As we get older, it does get more difficult to live this way, but there really isn't any other choice. You have to accept what you have sometimes, and put you focus on things that you can change.

So now, what can we do that is different? Well, we are planning to dig up our entire lawn, well, almost all of it anyway. We are making our property into a bunch of gardens! We are reading "The Four-Season Harvest", by Eliot Coleman. It is so informative and inspiring. We grew under double-cloches about two years ago, and had food growing all winter, with the snow falling all around. It wasn't a very sunny winter, so food didn't grow fast. This year, we are preparing areas so we can start a v-e-r-y early spring garden. By using coldframes, and a cloche within a greenhouse, we can grow food year-round. We wanted to start about two months ago, but didn't have the money to get our seeds. Now, the suppliers are almost out of what we want. But in just a month, they should have their 2009 seeds ready! Yay! But for now, we can put together our pvc pipes, and build our structures. I love that part. The best thing is that this is all portable, so there is no need for permits or anything.

I will start to take pictures from the beginning, and when I find the cd to put the software on here, I'll post them. I look forward to see our progress as our little gardens grow. It is something that everyone can do from just a small scale to huge.